Environmental Assessment Featured Projects

Bingay Main Metallurgical Coal Project (2010 – 2013)

Masse Environmental was contracted to coordinate the environmental assessment for Centermount Coal Ltd. at the Bingay Main Metallurgical Coal Project located in the Elk River Valley in southeastern B.C. The project description for this proposed 2 MT/year metallurgical coal mine was prepared and submitted to the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. During the EAO review and consultation process, MEC was coordinating the baseline environmental studies andstarted developing the Application Information Requirements. MEC was also involved in meetings and consultation with a range of stakeholders for this project, including First Nations and local, provincial, and federal governments. Currently, the project has been put on hold.

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Whiskey FSR Extension

As part of the Whiskey FSR extension, BC Timber Sales constructed a 200 m portion of the road on the foreshore of Arrow Lakes Reservoir in order to avoid steep unstable terrain on the hillside. Permitting for the road required DFO Authorization because of the loss of fish habitat and a comprehensive fish habitat mitigation and compensation plan was developed to mitigate impacts to fish habitat. Mitigation and compensation included planting 3,500 live cuttings within riprap along the length of the road, planting 8,500 sedge plugs along benches at the toe of the road,and 1,500 m2of riparian planting. The project was completed by BCTS, Galena Contractors, Sprouler Enterprises, SNT Engineering, and Masse Environmental in 2014.

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Red Mountain Resort Expansion

Red Mountain Resort (RMR) near Rossland BC has undergone substantial expansion of its ski hill and base area over the last decade and Masse Environmental has been part of the multi-disciplinary team required to accomplish this goal. RMR is located at the headwaters of the Topping Creek Watershed, the domestic water source for the City of Rossland, making environmentally sound practices a critical component of the work to ensure development activities do not impact the watershed. Masse Environmental conducted assessments, reviewed designs, completed permit applications, developed CEMP’s and erosionand sediment control plans, delivered on-site training for construction contractors and conducted environmental monitoring throughout each phase of the slope side accommodation and ski hill expansion.
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Fosthall Creek Run-of-River Hydropower (2006-2009)

Masse Environmental conducted aquatic and terrestrial baseline studies to support design and permitting for the 20 MW Fosthall Creek hydropower project. In addition, Masse Environmental completed and reviewed environmental components of the waterpower development plan, participated in consultation processes with First Nations, government agencies and the public; and managed budget, scope and contracts for specialised subcontractors. The project received all permits and approvals required and construction is expected to begin in 2015. Fosthall Creek Power reached an agreement for the development, construction and operation of the project with the Splatsin First Nations and Sorgent.e.
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Grohman Narrows Environmental Review

An environmental scoping review was conducted for the proposed Grohman Narrows Channel Improvement project on the Kootenay River approximately 2 km west of Nelson BC. BC Hydro is investigating the potential for dredging the Grohman Narrows to provide more capacity for managing Kootenay Lake water levels during freshet in high runoff years. The project would also provide BC Hydro with increased control of water resources for longer periods and could result in increased electricity production at downstream hydroelectric generating facilities. Environmental (fisheries, vegetation, wildlife) and public values that could be affected by the proposed project were investigated.

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Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Environmental Screening Reports

Environmental screening assessments have been completed for a variety of transportation infrastructure upgrade projects, including bridges, passing lanes and ferry terminals. The objective of these screenings is to identify potential impacts the projects may have on aquatic or terrestrial ecological resources and to identify options to reduce impacts. Assessments consider fish habitat, wildlife, and vegetation (including rare and endangered species).

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Riparian Assessments

Riparian area assessments have been conducted for numerous waterfront development projects in the Kootenay and Boundary Regions to support development permits and regulatory approvals. Projects have included single and multi-family residential developments, subdivisions, boat docks and marinas. We work closely with private landowners and commercial developers to minimize impacts of developments on watercourses by evaluating the proposed development and prescribing appropriate mitigative measures.

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